IFW178 – Andrea vs Bianca catfight

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Why this catfight?
After the argument during IFW157 Andrea can’t stand Bianca, and she explains why in the initial interview. Bianca replies to “the bitch” with her own very different point of view.
Andrea believes her longer experience will win over the more muscular Bianca, who says “I love to dominate, I will do it today”.

No time limit, no excuse
A lot of trash talking, both wrestlers are nervous and eager to pull hair and cause pain!
Andrea has Bianca on her back in a headlock, but the strong and fit woman is ready to turn tables… only to be trapped in a beautiful triangle and a head scissor. It’s Andrea showcasing her skills! However, you’ll see soon Bianca repay her in kind.
Hairpulling becomes wild and nasty: they get so involved in the fight that they even roll outside the mats and wrestle for long minutes in the grass. And that’s where Bianca has Andrea caught in a long, excruciating body scissor that will make her scream… and ready to fight back with redoubled efforts!

Dramatic, surprising
Back to the mats, and you’ll realize that the match is at a turning point: from now on hysteria vs cold head, stamina vs short breath, strategy vs confusion will decide the winner. And sometimes things can very quickly take an unexpected turn.
No words are needed to tell what happens next, but someone will be on her knees and you will be blown away!
Things will end very badly for one of the girls, desperate for feeling so helpless and dominated. And the humiliation she undergoes after being forced to admit her defeat will make you feel for her!

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  • Bianca
  • born in: 1986
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 132lb
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Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
4 years ago

One of these girls has a helluva temper and can easily fly into a rage. It stems from a massive ego, no mean amount of arrogance and a lot of pride. Sometimes it can work (see the final round of BX005 where it REALLY worked causing a KO which knocked the opponent into next week – but don’t look at that yet if you don’t want to know the result here) This time it was an outright liability. After the first submission her fuse blows, she flies into a rage and loses all focus – very quickly resulting another submission.… Read more »

4 years ago

Very good catfight. Not the most intense, but it was an ass kicking! One of them completely lost the will to fight. And, as such, was totally defeated. Everyone in life loses, sometimes, but we are never truly defeated as long as we get back up. She never got back up! ): She had growing pains, but she needs to grow. Otherwise there’s just pain.

4 years ago

Amazing…unique…surprising…brutal. An emotional catfight with lots of trash talk and a clear an decisive winner. One of the best catfights of the year! Hoping for a rematch!

4 years ago

Wow! Just… wow! Unbelievable match, the continuous submissions and the charged atmosphere between these two gave an astonishing outcome!!! The feelings are so intense that you can really feel for the loser, get into her place! I really enjoyed the non-stop dramatic action, and the continuous trash talking throughout the catfight! I just wish there was a longer domination time, it was too short whereas the winner deserved to keep it longer, maybe she felt also for the loser! Overall worth every cent! IFW more catfights like this please!!!