IFW175 – Lara vs Pamela

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Clash of the Titans
Lara and Pamela, in thong bikinis, are even in weight and height, and both have an incredible strength in their arms and legs.
After a quick arm wrestling intro the fight begins, and it’s immediately clear that strength plays an important role today. Pamela has Lara in a skull crushing headlock, where she puts all her energy… that will last for some time. It looks like her goal is to hurt Lara, in fact her neck and back will be aching for the rest of the match.
Lara is not happy with that approach, and her reaction shows that fully.


Power vs power
They fight an even match, with plenty of head and body scissors, headlocks and full body pins as the most used holds, all of them applied full force – no holding back. There are spectacular submissions, by both wrestlers.
The intensity of the match is unprecedented, as is the amount of strength and energy you will see flow through it: as a consequence, both wrestlers are totally exhausted in the end.


The final battle
We can call this a clash of the titans, Lara and Pamela are possibly the two strongest female wrestlers in Italy and among the strongest in all Europe for sure. Their muscles, skills and determination are fully showcased in this video, which leaves the viewer in the need for more. What could a catfight between these two powerhouses look like?
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  • Lara
  • born in: 1992
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 123lb
  • Pamela
  • born in: 1983
  • height: 5'5''
  • weight: 121lb
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2 years ago

…forse Lara meritava qualcosa di piu’!

5 years ago

This time Lara struggled very hard against maybe the strongest opponent she ever fought. just can’t wait to see catfight between these two. I hope IFW refereeing will be fair to both fighter.