IFW173 – Lara vs Pamela Catfight with choke holds

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Epic match
Lara and Pamela are two real jocks who have it all: beauty, determination, hot temper. On top of that, there’s an obvious, spontaneous rivalry between them, leading to a very visible tension and excitement for the match day.
Since both are natural-born fighters, a catfight with chokes allowed is the only way to physically express all the above in a woman to woman confrontation. And if after 20 minutes it’s a tie, the match continues until the next submission.
The result is the terrific, ferocious match that you have now the opportunity to watch now.

Pamela dominates
Pamela’s bad intentions about hurting Lara “because I am a better catfighter” prove true. She is so aggressive, her hairpulling is so mean and violent, that Lara is caught off guard. Pamela has very good skills too… and her headlocks, triangles, scissors and chokeholds are merciless and excruciating. She goes all in, and has Lara where she wants her in the beginning.

Does Lara even stand a chance?
Lara’s reaction is not what you’d expect to see: even using her well-known resistance and endless energy, she realizes that Pamela is possibly the toughest opponent she ever faced… and Lara’s attempts don’t seem to be very successful.
Not a word on what will happen next: does Pamela overpowers Lara at will, giving her the most humiliating defeat of her career? Or is Lara able to resist and counterattack her opponent’s aggressiveness?
Both fighters will win submissions, but only one celebrates in the end, rubbing it in with some good victory posing and teasing, and everything is already calling for a rematch.
This is simply the most incredible catfight ever!

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  • Lara
  • born in: 1992
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 123lb
  • Pamela
  • born in: 1983
  • height: 5'5''
  • weight: 121lb
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2 years ago

Lara tostissima!!! Pamela comunque ci ha provato in tutti i modi!!! Lara troppo Forte!!! Comunque bravissime, un match Epico!!!

2 years ago

The first submission was EPIC.

2 years ago

I would love to get some fights butyou know how they are going to go. the BLONDEis always fixed to win especially you got 3 blondea. all of them have winning .pamala fix her up to fight sheena maybe she wont run away this time

5 years ago

The best fight i have seen, tough strong competitive match. Wills to win, cant ask for more. Worth every penny..