IFW16_7 – Robi vs Camille

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An overconfident Robi faces Camille, after beating her in France last year. Robi is tired but shows no worries and wants to win to be the best performer of the tournament and the “Queen of IFW”. They train together before the match and Camille takes the chance to learn some new moves she will use successfully in the match. The atmosphere is almost friendly, as the two are laughing and joking.
All these smiles fade quickly as the match begins. Camille shows an impressive strength and aggressiveness and just plants her body on a shocked Robi, who is pinned with back to the mat, blocked in a vicious neck lock… Robi cannot roll on a side nor she can get free, she tries to bridge out several times. However, nothing changes and Camille is glued to Robi’s body and keeps her down all the time.
They’re already breathing heavily as Robi changes tactics and uses all her experience to break out of Camille’s terrific holds, repeatedly looking for the sides of the mat to save herself from her opponent’s pins.
The match turns out to be far harder than expected by Robi, who had understimated Camille, the latter being on top most of the time, taking Robi down and trapping her in headlocks. Robi can only try to resist and wait for the right time to strike.
After this match we finally understood that Ambra’s debut (IFW16_2, an outstanding and emotionally intense match) must have been the hardest possible, as Camille is the most technically skilled of the French, she even won Mylene in the past!
So is finally Roby the Queen of the tournament?

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  • Robi
  • born in: 1993
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 112lb
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