IFW16_1 – Andrea vs Hana

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A cocky Andrea
The first match takes place after some warm up where the two teams get in touch with each other. The girls from Models Wrestling are pin-experts while IFW ladies are more comfortable with scissors and submission wrestling. Andrea looks confident that she can bring home the victory. The match takes off immediately, Andrea on the attacking side, but carefully in the beginning. She takes advantage of her strength to apply scissors, headlocks and breast smothers: she will be on top for most time, nevertheless Hana is definitely not willing to give.
On the other hand, she proves to be a real pin-specialist, but being lighter than Andrea it won’t be easy to keep her down for the count.
This is a mouth watering, introductory match to the rest of the tournament, which will be one of the favourite for those who like to see powerful scissors applied to a slim, fit and well trained body.

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