IFW155_6 – Lilu vs Bianca catfight

Video length:
00:52:08 h:min:sec
  • Bianca
  • age: 32
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 132lb

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Lilu destroys Bianca at armwrestling, there’s no match. It won’t be as easy during the wrestling match that follows.

The two super fit girls face off on the mats and in no time Bianca slaps a vicious headlock on the confused Russian wrestler. Lilu pays her back with the same minutes later. It’s a challenge!
Bianca’s aggressivenes is sky high, and she doesn’t leave her opponent the time to think or act. Lilu is constantly under pressure, and Biancas’s legs are unforgiving opposed to her resistance: a terrific, pauseless match.

Catfight (no time limit)
Hairpulling makes everything look different, and more difficult: keeping focus and putting holds on the opponent.
The fighters become really nasty to each other, hair are violently yanked with the deliberate purpose of causing as much pain as possible.
The bout continues with unprecedented intensity: Lilu’s long breast smother matches Bianca’s head scissors. Terrific submissions follow one another, on both sides!
In the end, one girl is completely dominated and forced to submit in the most definitive way. Beautiful!

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