IFW146 – Viola vs Luna Pins

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First match for Viola
Viola and Luna are the two most recent additions to the IFW roster, and this is Viola’s first competitive match. They are both small, very beautiful and extremely competitive. This pins-only match represents a great chance for both to start climbing the IFW ranking.

Determination and commitment
Their technical skills might not be the best in town, however their determination and desire to win are second to none, and make up for it.
You will see – and hear – how they both make a huge effort in order to pin the opponent, and keep her down for the count! One of the strengths of IFW is how all the girls are committed, and really do their best each and every time they step on the mats: this match proves that once again.

Sexy beginners
The battle grows in intensity as the time passes and both wrestlers grow tired. It’s a very physical fight and being of similar size and strength, the match is very even!
If you like watching two cute beginners fight with their instinct in skimpy bikinis, and trying all they can to defeat the opponent, then this is your video!

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Alan Smithee
Alan Smithee
1 year ago

I’m considering buying. Is there a lot of belly on belly pins during this match? That is one of my favorite kind of pins.

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
4 years ago

Well I’ve now bought and watched it. This is for those who love the look of either one of the girls. Otherwise it’s not a great purchase given the outcome. It’s not for those who are just technical fight fans or seeking some wild screamy (Sabrina/Lara style) match. If you are then move on. I think Lara is much more attractive than she was, now her hair is straight but the real reason I bought this video is Viola’s gorgeous face, sexy eyes, her stunning tan, the tats, the outrageous black lingerie – I just love the girl. There are… Read more »

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
4 years ago

Christ this one is soooo next on my list! Viola is so absurdly pretty and sexy and that black lingerie she wears is dynamite – I hope she never wears anything else. Plus the tan. And she’s up against a beautiful young blonde. Checks all the boxes. Will be buying and enjoying very soon.

5 years ago

N/A great match competitive , tough and determined