IFW140_2 – Lara vs Mia

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Judoka vs wrestler
Mia and her judo skills versus Lara and her pure fighting instinct, in a beautiful countryside setting. It’s the quiet before the storm! Armwrestling leads the two fighters to the pins and submission wrestling match.

Lara tries to intimidate Mia with a long, vicious headlock, but that leads to a choke and the point is disallowed. Mia’s reaction brings Lara to the mats, apparently under her control. You’ll see a lot of back and forth mat wrestling, none of the two ready to go all-in, until…
And all of a sudden an extremely tight scissor causes a nervous reaction, and the match switches to another level of intensity.
Whenever Mia manages to mount Lara or put her in a headlock, she uses all her knowledge of judo to keep her down. Lara is often in trouble, and she ends up spending most of the time under attack!

Towards the end, unexpectedly, mutual “hands on face” cause hairpulling as a reaction, and the last minutes are those of a catfight, with furious hairpulling and mercyless wrestling.
The winner of today really deserves to pose on the defeated opponent!

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  • Lara
  • born in: 1992
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 123lb
  • Mia
  • born in: 1988
  • height: 5'2''
  • weight: 116lb
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5 years ago

Good to see Mia back. Hopefully Mia will wrestle against Robi again soon.

5 years ago

Great vid! I love Mia, Andrea, and a bunch of the other girls, but i think Lara is my favorite. She brings it every match. In my opinion, she wants to win more than even Andrea. She doesn’t care if her nip slips, if she’s in pain, heck, i don’t think she’d care if her leg fell off. She just continues to give her all for each match. Totally recommend this vid.