IFW130_1 – Andrea vs Sabrina Smother

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Hand smother vs breast smother!
Sabrina’s tanned body makes a striking contrast against Andrea’s lighter skin in the late afternoon countryside outdoors setting.
The rules are simple: smother submissions only. Sabrina works hard to trap Andrea in an inescapable hold, and hand smother her preventing her from breathing. On the other hand, Andrea often uses her patented breast smother holds in order to force a smothering submission out of Sabrina.

Biting is not allowed, is it?
Stamina and a good use of the body weight in mat wrestling are the winning weapons today.
As time passes, the intensity grows to the point that you will see one fighter biting the other’s hand, and later the match turning into something closer to a hairpulling catfight.

A very upset loser
One wrestler will be overpowered and smothered in a very unusual and unfair way for a competitive match, for the final submission. And to make it even spicier, an argument during the victory pose leads to a hand smother humiliation, ending this terrific video.
The use of a drone makes some of the camera angles pretty unique for a female wrestling production.

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  • Sabrina
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 116lb
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Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
4 years ago

Like this video and contest a lot.

Andrea’s top way too small. She says she learned to play dirty from Lara. Maybe but she took her bikini top advice from Robi!

One uses one’s clothing at the edge of the mats to suffocate the other and after the resulting submission scrunches it up and throws it at the victim!! That made me laugh out loud.

Andrea is extra sexy in this contest even leaving aside the fact she is experimenting with topless wrestling!