IFW12_2 – Victoria vs Olly

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Without a single smile Olly and Victoria meet on the mats, and let us tell you there is NO love lost between these two ladies. The atmosphere is electric, and you can tell both are really up for this fight Olly with her habitual aggression, and Victoria with her usual aggressiveness! As soon as the match begins Olly uses her size and weight advantage to good effect, locking Victoria into a crippling bodyscissors and breastsmother that could actually ne termed more of a ‘neck breaker’! Despite Victoria claiming her chances of a win were still high, Olly only commented how her favourite thing is the sound of Victorias neck cracking under the pressure!
Olly uses her size well throughout the match, scissoring, smothering and squeezing Victoria multiple times, and Victoria can but suffer her way through the match, showing incredible resilience under the crushing assault. The intensity of this match is borne out by the use at the end of some dirty tactics – thankfully the match ended before it could degenerate further!

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  • Victoria
  • born in: 1991
  • height: 5'1''
  • weight: 108lb
  • Olly
  • born in: 1985
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 125lb
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