IFW119 – Andrea vs Alessandro Catfight

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The challenge
Alessandro was fighting Celeste, Andrea supporting her. Alessandro didn’t like that and an argument started, to the point that he challenged her to a hairpulling catfight, knowing his own hair are… short!
Andrea fights him today, and she cannot afford to lose the first mixed catfight in IFW history.


The catfight
The match takes off immediately, Andrea is so aggressive that Alessandro is caught in her scissor even before realizing what is going on.
She pulls his hair, he loses his temper and repeatedly tries to slam her head into the mats! From now on, it’s a wild brawl more than wrestling… a real savage catfight!
Andrea uses her breast smother at best, his face turns red… then a scissor, headlock and a choke hold.
Alessandro uses his 15 kg of weight advantage to try to keep her down, while Andrea relies on better technical skills to trap him in her best holds.


The winner
There are almost no breaks, as the intensity of the struggle is unimaginable. Both will score at least one submission in this instant classic mixed catfight, but only one will be allowed to pose on the sore loser.
A simply terrific match!

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Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
4 years ago


What an incredible fight! Whatever its result, it should deify Andrea at IFW. This is one of the best, if not THE best IFW video out there.

Both are to be congratulated. Kudos to Alessandro for accepting the challenge and for performing so well. Andrea you are AWESOME!

Anyone who dates this girl had better remember her birthday and not even glance at another woman!!

5 years ago

Wow What A Fight! 2 Outstanding Athletes, 1 Winner.

5 years ago

Great match. More mixed catfights please!

5 years ago