IFW110_2 – Celeste vs Lady

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Celeste proved during the Pool Summer Party that she is ready to start her competitive wrestling career at IFW, and today she faces Lady, a lightweight guest wrestler with some years of experience under her belt and good skills.
After arm wrestling, Lady wants to leave no chance to Celeste and starts off attacking her, who reacts with all her strength and skill. The match is hard fought: Lady tries to pin her opponent, who struggles to avoid being counted; then she goes for a scissor and again Celeste gives all she can to resist… and the she fights back!
If beautiful lightweight wrestlers is what you are looking for, this match will give you strong emotions for its intensity and the great effort both contenders put in it. You will hear their moans and see their faces proving how hard both of them are trying! Lady shows you a wide array of moves, some of them are truly spectacular, while Celeste proves to be a proud young girl with a huge determination! A challenge is launched during the match, following a disputed pin.
Robi and Andrea giving advice to Celeste and Lady’s sponsor cheering her up add to the already very competitive atmosphere. Kudos to both these young wrestlers!
Final victory pose for the winner.

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  • Celeste
  • born in: 1995
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 99lb
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1 month ago

I adore the courageous teeny-tiny Celeste. One would really like to see her win against the odds. Sorry to see Lady headscissoring her, whilst easily wrapping her fingers around Celeste’s thin little wrist. Luckily Lady shows mercy not twisting Celeste’s arm and snap it like a twig. Would be nice to see Celeste coming back stronger in a rematch.

5 years ago

This match is one sided but one of the girls does not give up so easily. It shows fierce will to continue. They are both good wrestlers with attitude. If one of them trains more to be on the same level as the other one, you may have an all time classic rematch.

6 years ago

For me Celeste is the perfect girl for wrestling because she is pretty, petite, and feminine, and she does not seem like a girl who would get into a fight. She does indeed struggle against the other girls, but she has a fire in the belly and she fights back. She is the girl next door who you don’t notice but then you see her in a bikini and you realize she has a super hot body. She is the shy quiet girl who turns out to be a sexy wildcat.

6 years ago