IFW103 – Sabrina vs Ivy Satinee catfight

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Great location
Italian countryside outdoor, summer morning, light wind. The ideal time for a good no time limit catfight. Sabrina’s perfectly trained body shines in the sun, while Ivy is an explosion of curves and muscles, underlined by her super sexy underwear – which will not leave much to imagination. Both girls’ long hair call for a terrific hairpulling catfight!
After an intimidating staredown, the match begins. Both wrestlers know that there are no points to count, they need to force the other to give up the match in order to win. The mats have been watered so that their bodies are glistening in the bright sunlight.

Wild catfight
There is no studying, no strategy: they immediately go at it in full force in what promises to be a savage fight. Sabrina is on Ivy, yanks her hair and tries to catch her in a deadly head scissor… it doesn’t work, but she keeps attacking like a fury and has her on her back!
The match is all about Sabrina using her agility and skills to keep Ivy Satinee under an uninterrupted pressure, without time to think what to do next, trying to secure her next scissor. The black powerhouse, for her part, tries to resist and fight back using her impressive muscular strength to give toruble to the lighter Sabrina – and that happens each time she finds the way to straddle, pin, or scissor her in turn!
The match is so overwhelming that you will see them often fighting outside the mats, on the grass – and there’s no way to stop them.
At one point there’s a an incredibly quick sequence: facesitting – figure four followed by a sudden reversal and body scissor, which will make any fan stand up and clap his hands!

To the last girl standing
The second part of the match is less dynamic, but for sure not less intense. The heat and uninterrupted effort start to wear the wrestlers down. Sabrina wants Ivy to give up, however the latter seems to be able to survive to any amount of punishment! The final winner will be decided by exhaustion: one wrestler will simply end her energy, end up pinned and smothered, without being able to react, and forced to surrender.
The following victory pose is unforgiving and humiliating.

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  • Sabrina
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 116lb
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5 years ago

After watching their incredible battle in IFW 83 I had to commission another match between Stella and Sabrina and they did not disappoint. Sabrina comes out on fire taking it to Ivy from the beginning despite being the smaller girl she is the constant aggressor constantly looking for holds and pressing her advantage, however, Ivy doesn’t allow herself to be run over and makes some great defensive efforts while pushing her offense every now and again. Ultimately the best part of the video and the sequence that I come back and watch time and time again is the finish. Both… Read more »