BS046 – Lara vs Michela Double Bodyscissor

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00:26:51 h:min:sec


Champion vs Champion
Lara – the former double body scissors champion – faces Michela who won the last 6 in a row.
This is an unpredictable confrontation, get ready for something special.

The longest 15 minutes
As usual, the girls must force the opponent to submit using their legs only, locked in a double body scissor.
These are easily the longest 15 minutes for both wrestlers with plenty of suffering, aggression and stubbornness.

Several submissions
Both girls have really strong legs and squeeze like never before. There are way more submissions than usual today, but only one can be the winner and bring the title home.
The final celebration and victory pose are the best conclusion for an epic challenge!

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  • Michela
  • born in: 1992
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 112lb
  • Lara
  • born in: 1992
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 123lb
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1 year ago

There have been many great Double Bodyscissors matches on IFW but this has to be my all time favorite! Both girls leave no stone unturned in this epic see-saw battle which makes your heart skip a beat at various times. Pain resistance, strength and stamina all get tested till a winner is decided. I think a rematch is surely needed!

1 year ago

This definitely is such a great Double BodyScissor Match between Lara & Michela & not to mention Lara & Michela have such amazing bodies & absolutely love the way Lara & Michela have their legs wrapped around each other’s midsection in a double body scissor!