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Stella vs Sabrina

Stella is an underrated wrestler. Her muscular body makes her heavier than Robi and Andrea, therefore less agile. But to be a good wrestler agility is not everything, strength is also a good asset and Stella has quite a lot of it. She is now a hard opponent for everyone, as Andrea knows very well after the Pool Summer Party Final match (IFW68).
Sabrina, after losing to Robi and Lara, has grown a lot in the past few months. She’s been training hard and she took this match with Stella as a personal challenge.
Beating Stella would mean that she is ready to challenge Ambra, and then Andrea. Losing to Stella would be disappointing and she would then be forced to reconsider her career as a wrestler.
So, how did it go? You will know after watching the match with the highest number of submissions in IFW history!

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