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Sabrina vs Andrea Pins

This is a totally muscular and stamina confrontation between two wrestlers who cannot stand each other, and who haven’t yet fought in a normal match. They only wrestled each other during the Pool Summer Party 2016, in a 5 minutes match, where Andrea was confident about winning, but she couldn’t.
We decided to have them wrestle in an unusual pins only match, without pauses, where the only way to avoid being pinned is to lift both shoulders blades from the mats before being counted to 5. The first winning 2 falls would win the match!
In a pins and submission match, Andrea would probably have more chances, but Sabrina spends hours in the gym and she is in great physical shape, therefore the match is very even.
Regardless the outcome, we can definitely say that this match will stimulate great anticipation for a rematch in the loser, and we are all waiting for it…

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