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Lara vs Robi Catfight

Everybody knows that Robi is the wrestler to beat, all her opponents are afraid of her scientific approach: cold, agile, always anticipating their moves, quietly studies her opponents, knowing how to choose the bet time to grasp them and strike as a snake would do with its prey.
Whoever has wrestled her tells the same story: “she seems light and thin, but she will suddenly be on you, as she is always quicker than you!”.
Lara, for many reasons is her predestined opponent: she’s strong, she built her body with long hours in the gym, she loves risk not less than wrestling. Most of all, Lara loves winning and she is merciless when it’s about competing, because she has an incredible pain tolerance and at the same time she enjoys inflicting as much pain as she can.
Today, Catfight Expert Robi and Pain Mistress Lara face each other. It’s an hard catfight, there’s tension, screams and a lot of suffering on the mats – in a warm spring day, this great event will consecrate the “Queen of IFW”.

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