IFW470_6 – Pool Summer Party 2023 – PART 6

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Ambra vs Sabrina
A match primarily fought on the mats, where Ambra tries to trap Sabrina in a scissor hold (unable to use chokes, her preferred technique) and Sabrina is often caught off guard by her opponent’s speed. Ambra delights us with some of her signature acrobatics, despite her fatigue.

Andrea vs Olivia
With the sun now low, Andrea is hungry for points against an opponent who is less skilled and experienced, but solid and decidedly determined. It’s a match with a clear theme: head scissors, neck scissors, body scissors… attempts at pinning! Andrea is a fury, but Olivia doesn’t give up. A spectacular and intense encounter!

Chiara vs Luna
The last match of the day: Luna gets caught in a scissor hold, breaks free, and counterattacks, but Chiara wriggles away. The girls are tired from the day of fighting, but they strain their strength by squeezing each other, especially with body scissors. A balanced and uncertain match until the end, with a highly contested point.

The proclamation of the winners of the two groups and the award ceremony by Robi closes a fantastic day… Actually, no, the dinner with the guests and all the girls is missing, but that will remain a memory reserved for those present! See you next year!

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  • Sabrina
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  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 116lb
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  • Olivia
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