IFW46_2 – Pool Summer Party – Part 2

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Victoria vs Robi
Victoria knows by experience that she must try to lead the game and be very active or Roby will destroy her. Of course has other thoughts and after a difficult she starts her attacks. The match is fast and intense, Victoria won’t give up easily while Robi needs to score as many as she can…

Giulia vs Ambra
The two lightweights face each other in a very good match. After a slow start, Ambra turns into a little devil and does everything she can to make Giulia surrender. She showcases her technical knowledge and Giulia is forced to fight to “survive” until the very end.

Victoria vs Andrea
Victoria confirms that she is in great shape and definitely wants to give Andrea a good match. On the other hand, Andrea has iron legs and Victoria is going to feel them… but it seems today she is tougher than ever! And when she fights back, Andrea is less confident than she usually is. Extremely interesting and even match, undecided until the end.

Venere vs Robi
Venere catches Robi in her scissors, Robi suffers… and soon finds herself pinned, her back nailed to the mat… not an easy match! Venere is strong and proves to be a dangerous and hard opponent for Robi too, her scissors are less effective with her! How will it go?

Andrea vs Ambra
Andrea decides to turn the match into a physical confrontation and wants to humiliate Ambra with a schoolgirl pin counted to 5! Ambra gets mad and her reaction is absolutely fantastic. This is probably the best match of the day. Not to be missed.

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  • Robi
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  • height: 5'6''
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