IFW39_1 – Andrea vs Stella “Foot Domination”

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Stella had challenged Andrea to a “kiss my foot” match, but Andrea said “why only a little kiss? Let’s go for a full foot-domination session for the winner!”. Stella reluctantly agreed and here we are.
The girls stretch in front of the camera and answer some questions for the sponsor of the match, what follows is a long and even armwrestling challenge where neither of the girls want to give up…
Finally they are ready to wrestle… and they start out furiously! Headlock and takedown, with one girl already (bare)breast smothered, her back to the mat. The action is quick and powerful, mostly taking place on the ground, Andrea is more aggressive with her lethal scissors… Stella fighting back all the time, growing in confidence into the match. Both girls have strength and like to use it in breast to breast pins and both have what it takes to apply dangerous breast smothers. Headlocks are tight, body and neck scissors are the strongest ever, and when Stella has Andrea flat on her back… she goes full weight on her to leave her no chance.
If two beauties wearing too small bikinis in an ultimate strength confrontation is your thing, go on and get this one!
In the end, the winner will dominate the loser for long 7 (seven!) minutes like never before on IFW’s mats… she will be dragged around by her hair, posed with a foot on her face, finally forced to kneel and slowly repeatedly kiss her feet and toes, even her soles, and taunted all the time adding insult to injury. The final foot smother victory pose is utmost humiliating for a proud girl wrestler like both Andrea and Stella are.
The video end with an unexpected challenge for a very special rematch!

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5 years ago

The intensity of this match is off the charts. The tension slowly rises as each woman stretches in front of the other and then they’re off. We start off with a brutal headlock which causes Stella to seemingly choke under the pressure, but does she wilt under the onslaught? No, she comes back with scissors of her own and pushes Andrea to the brink. I won’t reveal who won the match, but I will say that the final 7-minute humiliation might be the most embarrassing I’ve ever seen at the end of a wrestling match. The winner truly has no… Read more »