IFW399 – Chiara vs Ezio

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An interesting matchup
A competitive mixed wrestling match with chokeholds, where Ezio faces Chiara. He has a considerable weight advantage while they are more or less the same height, however, Chiara has better training and technical skills.

Ezio attacks
Ezio is aggressive as usual and immediately tries to take Chiara down and apply a scissor on her or secure a pin. Chiara seems to act carefully, waiting for the right opening to break into her opponent’s guard.
After the first submission and a good deal of teasing going on, the match becomes fiercer and faster.

Final crescendo
The final 4-5 minutes are truly intense and full of aggression. Both contenders are doing their best to conquer the victory and the match is spectacular. Stamina, pain tolerance and determination make the difference and yes, we finally have a winner.
After the victory pose, the final interviews reveal interesting psychological aspects of the match.

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  • Chiara
  • born in: 1998
  • height: 5'2''
  • weight: 110lb
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10 months ago

Much time Since i don t see an intergender match

Valkyrie Fan
Valkyrie Fan
1 year ago

Chiara looks tiny but is well matched against Ezio.

She takes his aggression and returns it with interest, and ignores his rudeness that shows when he does not get his way.

A competitive match that has Chiara working through pain to fight convincingly and competitively a larger male.

The sight of this beautiful woman in furious competition in her wrestling costume is worth the price of the download alone.