IFW38_1 – Sara vs Ambra Catfight

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The girls start with armwrestling and then do some minutes of stretching to warm up before the match. And the fight begins! Ambra uses her better technical skills to take control of the match. Sara fights back from a beautiful scissor but finds herself in a breast smother… looks like Ambra is simply a better wrestler and basically has Sara where she wants (that is, between her legs most times!).
When Ambra slips off her top revealing a lovely red bra, the match grows in speed and intensity, you can see from her face how hard she squeezes. Sara is upset now… Ambra has an evil grin on her face when takes her down from behind and puts her in the next scissor! Soon after, the ladies start using hairpulling and the match suddendly turns into a catfight, where Sara will try to bring the fight on a different ground in a sudden change of pace! Time to feel some pain for Ambra as her hair are pulled back and forth by a frustrated Sara seeking revenge… it’s a fierce fight between two smaller, cute girls trying to overpower each other throughout the match in a very physical confrontation.
During the match, hairpulling is mostly used to secure the hold and keep the opponent still and trapped, with several long holds with the wrestler on the receiving hand desperately struggling to break free.
The final humiliation for the loser is something that we see first time at IFW, as the winner decides to humiliate the loser forcing her face down to the mats and then removes her bra and puts her in an inescapable hold that leaves her totally helpless, her arms bent backwards, the winner’s feet on her cheeks, frustrated to tears of pain and humiliation!

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  • Ambra
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 104lb
  • Sara
  • born in: 1988
  • height: 5'2''
  • weight: 110lb
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6 years ago

Very few matches with Sara so enjoy this one, especially when the hair is getting pulled it becomes very enjoyable to see these ladies tangle

6 years ago

This was a cool fight especially when the hair starts to get pulled. Sara is a well built lady and very sexy and there are not many videos of here in a real fight so this one is valuable