IFW37 – Andrea vs Luca

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Try putting a young girl against someone who is twice her weight, more than 20cm taller than her. And he’s a fitness addict too. That might sound like mission impossible, but wait: the girl’s name is Andrea IFW. And that means something!
It’s hard to cause him pain with her scissors, it’s hard to lift her back whenever he puts her down and is on top, it’s also dangerous to fly across the mats when he uses his strength on her. However Andrea is here to find a way to make him submit at least once and she’ll try no matter what! Maybe going for his neck is the best choice? Maybe trying to block him with his back to the mat? Maybe giving him a good breast smother? Andrea gives all she has and maybe more… download the video to find out whether she won the impossible challenge or not.

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dongmin kim
dongmin kim
5 months ago

Luca saved the country in his previous life!

1 year ago

Is the price 37.99 euros?

2 years ago

Is this a real competitive match?

Valkyrie Fan
Valkyrie Fan
3 years ago

Astonishing match up. Luca is awesome and looks incredibly strong. Andrea looks beautiful and fragile. And yet she more than holds her own.

The final seconds are amazing.

Alan Smithee
Alan Smithee
2 months ago
Reply to  Valkyrie Fan

I agree. The last few minutes, I thought one had the other’s number but then a reversal happened. It was an excellent (and shall I say somewhat erotic) struggle for sure.