IFW24_2 – Robi vs Diego

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Diego is the most aggressive and competitive of all the male opponents we have seen at IFW so far. Robi (also known as The Machine) shows him how to compensate a remarkable difference in weight with an uninterrupted series of attacks, moving from a pin into a scissor into a smother to the point that he cannot even think about his next move. The key is a frantic rhythm together with a very good technique. Try to count how many scissor holds or headlocks or pin attempts have been used, and you’ll get the meaning of it.
Not that Diego is here to take a beating, he’s continuously taking advantage of his 65kgs to bridge out of the pins and roll Robi on a side, going for the pin himself… it’s an even, interesting and hard fought mixed match, not for those who just want to see the guy being trashed by the girl without reacting. Diego is a naturally competitive opponent, and it is quite obvious, every second of the match.
If you like mixed wrestling to be real and competitive, then this (as any other video with Diego) is for you! Final victory pose.

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  • Robi
  • born in: 1993
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 112lb
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