IFW223 – Free For All summer edition

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Quite unique format
This is a 4 girls crazy tournament, with very few rules and lots of freedom for the wrestlers: chokes, smothers and hairpulling are allowed.
Robi and Venere start the fight, but the others can step in anytime and act according to their own strategy. When the fourth enters the action, she is allowed 10 seconds only.
Each girl can ask for the help of those who are out, and they can either accept or reject the request.
When one fighter taps out, she temporary leaves the mats and another one takes her place, but if she cannot continue and surrenders the match, she undergoes a short humiliation and must leave permanently.
The final winner can humiliate all three opponents at will.

Fast-paced fight
The match flows at a very fast pace, there’s no pause and after some time the girls start to intervene to support either wrestler.
Figure fours, triangles, rear naked chokes, smothers, scissors… you’ll see the most spectacular submissions (many of them) and a great display of stamina and skills, often in very challenging 2 vs 1 situation.
Different strategies unfold and after a hard and excruciating 4 ways fight, only the 2 stronger survive, and wrestle each other for over 10 minutes to conquer the final victory.

Final surprise
And this is where the fight truly escalates: animosity, rivalry, momentum. It’s a very intense final fight, with a very unpredictable and breathtaking ending, and a winner accused of playing dirty.
The final domination shows very clearly that a rematch is much needed!
Almost 50 minutes of spectacular action in a pretty unusual elimination-tournament format. An instant classic!

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Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
3 years ago

IFW – Why did we never see a Robi-Bianca one to one fight in any format? Would have been a very interesting match-up.

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
3 years ago
Reply to  ifw

I see and note it – thank you. Incorporating belly punching into a fight (you do belly punchng contests) – am I to presume that is a bit over the top and shoud be a stand-alone discipline?

3 years ago

can we have some more handsmothering matches please?

3 years ago


I must say one of the fighter was a real SOURPRISE, she fought to win and she serched for the victory and she proved to be strong

The post fight it may sourprise more than one person, the winner didn’t show regret and she did every thing to win,
Also is interesting the changes of strategies by the wrestllers, it the figh really was extremlly different to what every one spected, in fact every one depended of what their opponents did,