IFW219 – Summer Pins Tournament

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Retro look for the new faces
A retro-styled look for this pins only tournament to introduce two new wrestlers: Lucrezia and Fiamma, competing together with the veterans Luna and Robi.
The matches are 8 minutes long, pins with count to 5.

Robi vs Lucrezia
Robi welcomes Lucrezia with all her experience and skill. However, Lucrezia would do anything to avoid being pinned and counted: she puts all her strength to break Robi’s deadly headlocks and fight back! She has a true fighter’s attitude!

Fiamma vs Luna
Fiamma meets Luna in her debut match. The blond beauty is super aggressive, it looks like she wants to destroy her opponent. But Fiamma answers back in a smart way: defending. She simply does everything in order to avoid being put with her back to the mats. And each time she sees the smallest opening in Luna’s defence, she tries to strike!
No doubts Lucrezia and Fiamma are cut from the same cloth.

Luna vs Robi
This is a more dynamic and energetic match. They both want to win and attack head-on during the super intense 8 minutes! A fantastic grapevine pin gives the first point to one of the fighters and causes a very strong reaction. The last minute is breathtaking!

Lucrezia vs Fiamma
Two newcomers on the mats trying to outwrestle each other using mainly their strength and weight, with lots of full body pins attempts and struggling. Lucrezia has an advantage being heavier, but Fiamma tries really hard in a pauseless match.

Fiamma vs Robi
Fiamma gives Robi a hard time, not the easy match the veteran expected! Fiamma shows great stamina and is never ready to give up, while Robi starts to be tired.

Luna vs Lucrezia
The last match sees Luna going all-in vs the bigger Lucrezia, not expecting her reaction after the first pin. A very even and hard-fought match until the last second in a dramatic ending!

Over one hour of great pins wrestling, with a tremendous effort in a hot sunny day. Stamina, not only skills and weight are important today. The perfect way to welcome two new promising faces in IFW, Fiamma and Lucrezia!

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good match