IFW171 – Bianca vs Beatrice Belly Punching

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Ready to suffer!
Tough girls with iron abs, that’s what both Bianca and Beatrice are. After warming up with some armwrestling, they wrap their hands and start the much anticipated belly punching contest.

Eyes in eyes, and low blows
Three strikes each, right below the belly button, then swap position. Until one girl can’t take it anymore and gives up.
And those fists hit like a hammer, these girls are strong and throw punches as if there’s no tomorrow. And some hit even a bit too low…

Folded in half
The contest is very even and lasts long, but the cruel rule says that they can’t stop until one gives up. The final blows are dramatic, one of the fighters is folded in half in pain, and it’s over!
The video ends with an argument and it’s already calling for a rematch.

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  • height: 5'9''
  • weight: 132lb
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