IFW16_2 – Ambra vs Camille

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Small and powerful
Ambra started training just a few months ago and learnt from Robi, Andrea and Mia.
When she was asked if she wanted to take part in the tournament she accepted without hesitation, well aware it would have been hard for her. She trained a lot, 3 times a week, because she cannot stand losing, she was born a fighter and loves challenges. Ambra may be small, but she’s quick and can apply scissors in a very effective way, you’ll find her legs around your neck in no time.
This is her official debut. It’s a match full of tension, because Ambra doesn’t want to make a poor showing, with Robi and Andrea believing in her since the beginning. All is ready for a good debut, the opponent is within her means… but Ambra is on her period and doesn’t feel 100%.
Andrea and Robi are close to her and cheer her up at all times during the match which will prove harder than expected.
Ambra is not herself, slower and less clear-headed than she should be. On the other hand Camille is a surprise, very good at pinning and using her weight on the other’s chest and shoulders – Andrea and especially Robi will confirm that later.
Ambra becomes more and more tense as time goes and Camille will take the upper hand, with Ambra giving all she has to resist.
A very emotional and captivating atmosphere as the two small girls give life to an extraordinary match.

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  • Ambra
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 104lb
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5 years ago

Ambra tam anlamiyla ezilmis