IFW158 – Bianca vs Venere Catfight

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Bad girls
The new Venere is a bad girl, determined, aggressive and much fitter than she used to be. Bianca is as bitchy and as ever, exhibiting her perfectly shaped body.
3-2-1 go and Bianca literally jumps on Venere, grabbing a handful of her hair, taking her down and catching her in a body scissor. Venere is not the one to be intimidated easily and fights back with the same aggressiveness.

Hardest catfight ever?
This fight knows no break. They go at each other like wild cats, pulling hair, scissoring, inflicting punishment, trying to hurt the opponent to force a submission out of her in moments of sky-high tension.
Among the hardest catfights ever seen on IFW and surely the one with the highest rhythm throughout the match. The determination that both fighters display and the energy they put in the effort are incredible.

In one word: unmissable
Catfight lovers looking for an ultra-competitive battle on the mats cannot miss this terrific match and its dramatic final sequence!
As a side note, there are multiple unblurred wardrobe malfunctions on Bianca’s side.

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  • Bianca
  • born in: 1986
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 132lb
  • Venere
  • born in: 1990
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 132lb
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1 year ago

Great fight, Venera fought to dominate

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
3 years ago


And this one is among the very best. IFW 100, 149, 205 – they are all brilliant in intensity and technical proficiency of her and opponent. And all are very even contests (except 100 where Andrea annihilated her 3-0)

This and 149 are probably the best – it is a fast-paced, ferocious and highly intense pain threshhold test and mutually exhausting, nail-biting to watch for the first time.

I highly recommend this one and all the above-mentioned.

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
3 years ago
Reply to  ifw

It’s on the radar. We had “Battle of the Five Armies” in “The Hobbit” and 223 is noted by me as “Battle of the Four Top IFW Wrestlers” which is what it’s appeal is.

Which has more carnage I am uncertain until I buy it.

2 years ago
Reply to  Andrea-Ambra Fan

I apreciate it to you i am glad to see you enjoted it

Davide M.
Davide M.
4 years ago

Immensa e stupenda Venere ma anche Bianca molto tenace