IFW137 – Celeste vs Luna

Video length:
00:29:01 h:min:sec
  • Celeste
  • age: 24
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 99lb
  • Luna
  • age: 19
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 110lb

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Luna’s scissors
After the special smother match, Luna’s first competitive pins and submissions wrestling match is vs Celeste. The sweetest looking girls, who will surprise you turning into real fighters once on the mats. Impressive!


Bad ass Celeste?
Celeste is here to show that experience counts. Winning would not be enough, she wants to destroy Luna, to make sure she ackowledges her superiority as a wrestler. You have never seen such a badass Celeste until now. No smiles, no mercy – she is in for the kill, any time.
Luna’s approach shows how determined, stubborn, committed she is. You will love to watch her attempts to resist and fight back, her scissors, her will strength. Once she gets Celeste in a hold, she just won’t let go, and squeeze more!


The future of IFW!
Two young, slender, determined, stunning italian beauties who fight relentlessy, until one clear winner emerges, leaving the loser with wet eyes in the end. The victory pose says how satistied she is after her victory. Don’t miss the chance to see the future of IFW on the mats today – and the future is bright!

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John - 09 December 2018
Luna is sooo cute and hot. i like to see her the face of IFW
breezydance23 - 08 December 2018
Luna looked impressive in her first competitive match, and Celeste gave her a good struggle. I like how both girls showed they had something to prove, made the match more interesting. Would like to see a rematch once both ladies have more experience.
bidankamille87 - 07 December 2018
beautiful girls fight each other very hard and one girl closed to tear. thease girls must be good rivals. want to see their catfight next time.
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