IFW110_1 Andrea vs Lady

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Lady is a lightweight, skilled and experienced wrestler who dared to challenge the IFW girls. After Celeste, here comes Andrea – and you bet it’s a different story.
Andrea’s technical skills (see her superb flying body scissor one minute into the match) and her long wrestling experience make it a very tough match for Lady. However, she is not an easy opponent for anyone, her determination and attitude are incredible and she never backs down. A fantastic double head scissor and the way Lady gets out of it explains the concept very well.
High competitiveness between two girls who met today first time, spectacular holds, and the unquestionable beauty of both wrestlers, make this a very enjoyable match from the beginning to the end.
Final victory pose on a exhausted, aching loser, laying down on her back under the winner’s foot.

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Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
3 years ago

Yes, I would have bet it is a different story with Andrea although would not have expected long odds, more like evens or worse. With videos that are years old like this one I don’t think SPOILER ALERTS are that necessary… …but these “visiting wrestlers” are not nearly as good as the regulars and especially the veterans which make for one-sided contests. This video is an exhibition match designed for Andrea fans and as such is worth buying as she looks as delicious as ever. After watching it went straight to my “Andrea Masterclasses” folder of those fights where she… Read more »

5 years ago

Big fan of when IFW brings in good fighters from other companies to take on their girls. Andrea looks sexy as always, locked in with an equally sexy female. Nice fight