IFW107 + IFW113 – Andrea vs Marica Catfight

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Handicap match

Andrea is allowed to pins only while Marica is free to use whatever hold she wants to get a submission out of the more experienced opponent. After some armwrestling, the fight begins.
Andrea needs to gather all her experience to be able to keep Marica down on her back long enough to count her. On the other hand, Marica is strong and heavier than Andrea, which gives her some advantage when it’s about escaping her pin attempts, almost losing her top more than once.


Marica’s long legs

The blond beauty’s scissors are beautiful to watch, as her long legs look great while squeezing Andrea’s slim body, but are they strong enough to force her to submit?
During the last minutes many things happen, the match is decided in a thrilling crescendo, followed by an aggressive victory pose and causing an argument which leads to a consequent catfight.


Almost topless!

Because of the rules of the match, great part of it is a close body to body mat wrestling, which causes the small tops to slide with unavoidable consequences, just in case you did not have enough good reasons to buy the video!



After an interview with both ladies, they warm up in front of each other and get ready for the catfight, in a tense atmosphere. The staredown and quick exchange of sharp words anticipates a strong match. And suddenly they cling on each other hair and begin the fight!
Marica soon learns what a catfight at IFW is, since Andrea pulls her down to her knees and pushes her head between her legs for a scissor! Marica wrestles out if it and they keep fighting without letting go each other’s hair, not even for a second!


Two lionesses

Andrea secures a fantastic figure four, always keeping hold of Marica’s hair, but the blond doesn’t give up and somehow manages to get out again, and has the chance to scissor her in turn! It’s a terrific catfight: Andrea keeps pushing hard on Marica, attacking her without a break, however Marica is not intimidated at all and promptly counterattacks each and every time. A super match indeed!


The turning point

When Marica has Andrea’s head well positioned between her legs in a scissor, it looks like Andrea is definitively trapped, and this is the breakthrough of the match. Marica squeezes the hell out of her… and what follows is an atomic reaction! Both wrestlers fighting like it’s a matter of life and death, tugging hair like madmen, the most spectacular holds and the strongest emotions flow in front of your eyes, at a tremendous pace, literally using their nails… until the end of everything.


The end

The room becomes quiet now, no more screaming, no more trash talking. One fighter on her knees, sobbing in tears for the pain of the last submission. The gloating winner claims her victory pose: “it’s your turn for crying”. The loser is facesat, walked around by her hair in total humiliation, and posed on.
Another incredible catfight bringing the unmistakable IFW trademark.

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  • Marica
  • born in: 1995
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 123lb
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1 year ago

This is one of the best catfight I ever saw. The winner might not admit it but she was in troubles more than once and the match was very close and even for 15 minutes. A masterpiece!

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
4 years ago

The winning girl is absolutely brutal and merciless and looking as good as I have ever seen her. This is one of the IFW classic catfights. There is a gulf between the two contestants at this point that essentially means this is a masterclass dished out by the superior and more experienced fighter who demonstrated extraordinary technical skills and moves. Assuming the loser did not make the challenge to acquire training, that challenge turned out be very very ill-advised. The old saying “it’ll all end in tears” was literally true.

6 years ago


6 years ago

Very good fight, the girls are beautiful. I just do not see any reason to use the blur.