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Up to 40% discount until Christmas

Comment and get a discount up to 40% on your next purchase.
Leave your review and vote the videos you bought on the website. In change, you get a 4% discount for each published comment and vote… you can reach a maximum discount of 40%!
To use the discount, just email the list of videos you commented and your order numbers (or the email you used to buy them). Within 48 hours you will receive a discount coupon to be used on your next purchase.
How it works:
– The discount is cumulative until 40%: 1 vote + 1 comment = 4%, 2 votes + 2 comments = 8% and so on.
– The discount is valid for one purchase only, without a limit on the number of videos purchased
– Only comments and votes for the same video are valid, therefore 1 vote + 1 comment=4% discount, 1 comment without a vote = no discount
– Each comment must be authorized by IFW to be eligible for discount: if it’s too short like “good video” or not relevant, it won’t be accepted.
PS: increase your discount purchasing and commenting more videos until Christmas! 🙂