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Sabrina vs Ambra Catfight

Ambra and Sabrina had never faced off on the mats before. There are no good feelings between the two: Ambra has always seen Sabrina as a dumb rookie, weak and flimsy; she used to make fun of her, and avoid her during training sessions. But Sabrina has improved a lot lately, to finally become a serious opponent for all IFW girls: ask Stella!
This is a double release: a classic IFW style wrestling match, and the rematch in the form of a catfight as requested by the loser of the first match.
To get ready for the catfight, Ambra has trained specifically for 4 weeks, 4 days a week in the gym, and was offered a very good prize by a sponsor in case she won.
If you enjoyed Lara vs Andrea catfight, you will love this one!

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