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IFW answer to piracy


IFW has taken piracy (illegal sharing of copyright content, with or without profit) very seriously since the beginning. We have put in place several different methods to protect our rights all across the globe. Piracy is theft.


Since a few years ago, IFW rewards whoever provides a link to an illegally shared video (be it IFW, SFD or FF) with the free Full HD legitimate version of the same. Of course, this is not a final solution, but it’s a win-win option for producers and loyal fans: as a matter of fact, we receive dozens of such links every week, and it helps a lot.

Usually, the video is removed within a couple of days from the Takedown Notice, and repeat infringers’ profiles are often terminated (at least on PH). Thanks to this system, we managed to close several profiles on various forums and accounts on file sharing platforms. IFW’s lawyers are also taking action against some of the most active infringers.


But the main point is: how to identify those who illegally share content? We installed a third party protection technology that digitally embeds the buyer’s data in each single video that is downloaded, so that each copy becomes unique. The mark is invisible and cannot be deleted even if the file is cropped, the resolution is changed, or parts are cut. Our experience so far confirmed that this is working perfectly.

Parsing (decoding) the illegally shared file will tell us the order number and the data of the original buyer. This is very important: since a file is often shared several times, the economic damage caused grows in proportion, and this is an information that can be used in court against the first infringer. After the file is removed, our lawyers send an official letter in a beautiful IFW branded envelope to the infringer’s real physical address, and this is already an effective deterrent.

The cost to implement and maintain such a system is very affordable, and is totally worth it according to our experience. The only limitation of this system is that you must have full control of your file hosting, so it won’t work for C4S stores, for example.

If there are any fellow producers interested in knowing more about it, we are totally open to share our experience, just get in touch.

Ric – IFW

PS: IFW has no connection whatsoever with the guys providing this protection technology and has no commercial interest in pushing their solution, we are only sharing our good experience to help fighting piracy