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Andrea vs Ambra Choke Holds

Ambra is taking BJJ classes.
Being the smallest and lightest of all is not a good thing, because wrestling is all about winning… and avoiding being humiliated under the winner’s feet, posing flexing her muscles, super-confident looking into the camera.
But being unpredictabile is a very good thing, as it is being quick and agile, and the beautiful Ambra – who went close to beating both Andrea and Robi more than once – today is looking for revenge. She feels ready and has asked to wrestle Andrea. Rules are smothers and chokes, and all neck-holds are ok, while scissors are forbidden as are pins: a battle for survival with no way out other than winning!
Andrea is overconfident and believes she will just destroy Ambra, surprised by her challenge.
Is Ambra going to take her well deserved revenge? 40 minutes of war to know more..

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