IFW90_2 – Gioia vs Alessandro

Video length:
00:20:54 h:min:sec
  • Gioia
  • age: 24
  • height: 5'4''
  • weight: 112lb

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Gioia’s first real mixed pins and submission wrestling match is against Alessandro. Being similar in size and skills, the match is 100% competitive. The beginning is fast paced and he takes her by surprise pinning her and counting to 5, 1-0! Gioia is pissed off and fights back like a lioness, look at her straddling him and almost bumping his head into the wall in the attempt to pin him! Their style is not the most technical you have seen here, but the intensity and effort they put into the match is outstanding. Gioia is almost violent, she tries whatever comes to her mind to pin him somehow, she is simply not accepting to lose to him!
They fight really hard with only few breaks, and Alessandro grows tired as the time goes by, so that Gioia has more space to try to put him in trouble. Look at her face while she is tightening her scissors around his waist! she definitely deserves a good result today… but he has other thoughts!
On top of all that, Gioia’s underwear is not the most appropriate for wrestling, and you will thank her for her choice throughout the match! However, her attitude is the most fitting, and you can tell she is a natural fighter! A great match, with many points and a breath-taking grand finale!
Victory pose and congratulations for the winner of this fantastic match, which will be appreciated also by those who don’t usually enjoy mixed wrestling!

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Darryl - 07 January 2018
An action packed matchup! The two competitors trade points and struggle for dominance until one seems to run out of steam a little bit before the other right at the end. A fantastic mixed match for fans of evenly matched opponents! Would not mind seeing a rematch between these two in the future!
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