IFW88_4 – Stella vs Amethyst

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Same height and weight… same determination and desire to win. After armwrestling, the match begins. And it’s a rough one, indeed. Amethyst is taken aback when she realizes that Stella is too heavy to be just headlocked and thrown down, as she did with some smaller girls: Stella is more stable, and on top of that she has big tits to smother and strong legs to scissor. The fight is not as fast paced as others, but it’s truly spectacular, definitely surprising, different from what one would expect. Surely Amethyst is not the kind of fighter who would accept to be dominated, and she does wrestle with all her strength and weapons. There’s a lot of aggressiveness on both sides, beautiful scissors, lots of muscular confrontation between two extremely sexy and proud women. After several submissions and an uninterrupted stream of emotions, the unexpected grand finale is awaiting for you, followed by a sexy victory pose showing a dominant winner taking her time to enjoy the well deserved win, unmissable for all the foot lovers around!

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