IFW88_1 – Andrea vs Amethyst

Video length:
00:49:31 h:min:sec
  • Andrea
  • age: 23
  • height: 5'4''
  • weight: 110lb

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Amethyst vs Andrea, wrestling and catfight, is an instant classic. The difference in size is quite obvious, and the armwrestling shows that the English beauty has stronger arms than Andrea.
The wrestling match starts with Amethyst trying to use her superior strength to literally crush Andrea: a terrific headlock, followed by an incredible reverse figure four and then a spectacular neckscissor, and Andrea seems to be at Amethyst mercy! Is this going to be a one sided match, with Andrea taking the beating of her life from Amethyst? Or will Andrea proudly react and fight back, relying on her agility and stamina?
For sure this match is not lacking in intensity, competitiveness and emotions, as well as beautifully executed techniques, from both wrestlers… and has to be watched until the very end!

Tired and worn out after the wrestling, why not jumping into a hairpulling catfight without even resting? In the interview before the match starts, Andrea is provoked with questions about her most humiliating loss in a catfight, while Amethyst – who declared she would easily “beat up the pretty Italian girls” – shows extreme confidence. An intense breast to breast staredown leads us into this crazy catfight!
It’s frightening how they start to yank and pull hair, slamming each other to the mats! Amethyst again uses her weight and determination, while Andrea has longer experience as a catfighter. For sure none of the girls are ready to suffer the final facesitting humiliation awaiting the loser!
The match is an endless, pauseless, action packed back and forth battle, both girls having their chances to score their submissions, until the moment when one – exhausted and not able to continue – will be forced to admit she has been defeated, and will give up the match!
The 6 minutes long, slow, humiliating front and reverse facesitting and breast smothering domination that follows needs no words to be described! This is simply a video that cannot be missed by anyone how is a real catfight fan!

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