IFW74 + IFW80 – Sabrina vs Ambra Catfight

Video length:
01:06:23 h:min:sec
  • Sabrina
  • age: 21
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 116lb
  • Ambra
  • age: 22
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 99lb

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The first time when Sabrina meets Ambra on the mats is for a triple challenge: armwrestling, wrestling and then catfight. The two are some how long time rivals after so many training sessions together. Ambra is the smallest girl of the roster and Sabrina sees this double match like the last chance to prove she can still compete in the IFW leaugue: losing to Ambra would be an unbearable, extremey hard blow for her confidence. On the other hand, Ambra is a crazy, unpredictable little wrestler and she already proved she can be very effective with her acrobatic scissors, and when she gets to your neck she simply won’t let go until you give up.
Sabrina is dead serious about her intentions: after winning the armwrestling challenge, she definitely wants to crush Ambra in the wrestling match. She wants to keep her down, pinned to the mats, count her or smother her into submission, using her weight and the mat’s corners to prevent her from escaping. Ambra understands that, but she knows how to whitstand her opponents attacks, she is used to such situations. But Sabrina today wants to leave her no chance: in the beginning Ambra is lifted, tossed around, slammed down, breast smothered, pinned… will she be able to resist? And what happens when Sabrina starts to feel tired and Ambra catches her in terrific head scissors and headlocks, making her scream in pain and frustration? Fantastic match, of intense feelings, where anything else than a sharp victory would be a defeat for the heavier Sabrina! Victory pose in the end.

The catfight that follows has no time limit: the fight ends when one of the wrestlers cannot continue, or when she is completely overpowered by the other and the winner becomes obvious.
Ambra chooses a very sexy underwear for the occasion, underlining her small but curvy body thus making a strong contrast with Sabrina, who sports a girlish white top with red spots – she looks like a schoolgirl in a fantastic shape, not a single gram of fat on her. Both are stunning beautiful today!
Ambra can’t wait to fight and after a quick warm up, an intense, close staredown takes place with foreheads pushed into each other, eyes in eyes.
Looking at how the two beging the fight, almost jumping at each other, grabbing the hair, pulling and yanking like crazy, tells you what you can expect from the next 25 minutes: total madness. They fall, Sabrina manages to straddle Ambra who screams like a wounded lioness… only to be turned on a side and neck scissored with all Sabrina’s strength. It’s 30 seconds into the match and the tension is already at the highest levels!
But then Ambra turns tables and takes her revenge headscissoring Sabrina in turn, making her go mad, not letting go for a long time… and Sabrina will simply lift Ambra’s whole body with the sole strength of her neck! isn’t it already time for a standing ovation?
This match is not only a pure joy for the eye, but also needs to be listened: grunts of great effort, moans and screams of pain and nervous excitement, frustration, rage, taunting are heard throughout the video.
Nothing is missing: the girls use their legs to scissor heads and bodis, slam each other into the mats, pull and yank hair, headlock each other, use their breasts to smother, we even get to see a perfectly executed figure four head scissor! and they almost destroy some light stands when they roll out of the mats without even thinking to stop the fight.
Killer instinct, willpower, pain tolerance make the difference today, all incredibly well mixed with the elegant and impeccable execution of the holds; should you choose one word to describe this match, it would probably be “wild”.
There are several submissions during the match, and one of the girls will slowly get the upper hand, finally imposing her dominance and proving unquestionably a better catfighter.
An humiliating domination follows, where the loser is taunted and facesat, posed on and made fun of.
The girls will explain their points of view on the match in a final interview.
After the match, both will say “I have never felt such a pain. I would have never thought I could do what I did today!”.
Absolute masterpiece.

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