IFW67_2 + IFW67_3 – Andrea vs Lara Catfight

Video length:
00:58:21 h:min:sec
  • Andrea
  • age: 24
  • height: 5'4''
  • weight: 110lb
  • Lara
  • age: 25
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 123lb

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Lara, an emerging talent, unique for enthusiasm, commitment, with the body of an athlete and the personality of a fighter. She fears nothing.
Andrea, one of the founders of IFW, with more than 3 years of experience, a great technique, a stunning beauty with huge number of fans routing for her no matter what.
Novelty vs tradition, instinct vs strategy, a cruel grin vs a wide open smile, some could even see in this double release the unresolved eternal rivalry between the evil and the good.
Back to earth: the girls don’t like each other, Lara has been looking forward to this competitive wrestling match for long time, Andrea has started training with this match in mind, right after their contrasts in her Pool Summer Party team.
To the mats now, where Lara is aggressive as usual, with all her inexhaustible energy and her extremely hard approach to wrestling. While Andrea is more patient: she wants to limit her opponent’s attacks, wait for the right time to catch her out of balance and strike, forcing her to submit.
Intensity is at the highest level. Both are totally focused and are ready to seize the smallest opportunity and take advantage of the tiniest mistake.
Stamina is important, as getting tired affects your body and clarity of mind. Technique is important, securing a hold today is very difficult for both. Agility is important to break free from a dangerous situation. Pure muscle strength is important: we know that a plain scissor won’t make any of them submit, unless perfectly applied. Possibly to the neck, maybe?
The overall quality of this match sets a new standard, you will literally feel deep admiration for both the wrestlers more than just watching the video or getting involved in it. No matter who you root for. Yes there is a winner, even if the match is very even. But – the loser felt she did not deserve to lose, she even refused to undergo the humiliation of the victory pose, and this drove the winner mad. Before they parted, the defeated wrestler dared to challenge the winner to a catfight to take place as soon as possible! Guess what?

The catfight took place after a few days only, again outdoor and the same location, in order not to spoil the electric atmosphere and tension of the wrestling match which led to it.
If possible, it was even more captivating, shocking, emotional and dramatic than the previous match and any other IFW catfight you have witnessed so far. There was a score to settle, a scorching defeat to be taken revenge of. A game of immense proud and the risk of extreme humiliation which the loser should have gone through in the end (no way out this time), in front of the whole crowd of IFW fans.
There is enough to make it a fight to the finish. In fact: no submissions were counted, no time limit was agreed. The match went on until one wrestler was subdued and rendered helpless, forced to concede the match, begging her opponent to stop.
And that is exactly what happened.
The women fought like tigresses, knowing that their reputation and their future in IFW depended on the outcome of this match. The camera operators, the doctor, everyone around watching in a silence filled with a mix of respect, anxiety and fear – the catfight was violent, without a break and really merciless: find the weak spot, hit there, go for the kill, make her suffer more than she can take and then some… and hear her say “you win!”.
In the end of this epic fight, the loser is completely broken and unable to fight back, both physically and psychologically and is subjected to long, intense, degrading humiliation made of several foot on neck poses, front and reverse facesitting, with lots of verbal abuse.
Download this video, see what it means for them, read it on their faces, be part of it!

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