IFW59 – Robi vs Lara Smother

Video length:
00:50:24 h:min:sec
  • Lara
  • age: 25
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 123lb
  • Robi
  • age: 25
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 112lb

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A special rules match between the two IFW top wrestlers of the moment, in sexy underwear. First, no time limit: they will keep wrestling until one cannot continue or is totally overpowered by her opponent, which will happen after more than 45 minutes! Second, a hot room: lights are at their max power to make it even harder for the girls – and no pauses to drink or rest are allowed. Third: no scissor submissions allowed, only smothers in order to cut the air and make the opponent unable to continue.
The match starts with a continuous back and forth struggle to be on top and breast smother or hand smother the opponent, cutting her air and making her weaker. More than once Robi finds herself back to the wall, Lara’s hand pressed on her mouth, in a dominating and intimidating way, physically overpowering her. More than once Lara finds herself in a tight headlock, folded in half, having hard times to breath. Ten minutes and Robi seems to be really suffering Lara’s violent hand smothers. A terrific, ultrasexy grapevine plus breast smother combo has her in serious trouble!
Lara’s full body pins followed by headlocks and smothers are taking their toll on Robi, who cannot really find the space to breath, caught in an uninterrupted sequence of breath taking, spectacular, holds! Is Robi done already?
Of course not, her reaction makes Lara really upset, the fight even harder, the atmosphere even hotter, breathing rhythm faster.
The fight is a really endless confrontation between the wrestlers muscles, their willpower, their stamina… like if their lives depended on it. A real match to the finish, until the very last drop of energy has been burnt!
As time passes, one of the girls starts to obviously tire down more than the other. A facesitting shows how she is less sand less capable to fight back. The more smothers she takes, pinned to the mat, mouth and nose covered, the wider she opens her mouth gasping for air for a second or two… the end is near? No, it will take 20 minutes more before one of the amazons will completely subjugate and dominate the other, rendering her totally helpless through breast smothers, hand smothers, grapevines – and finally making her unable to offer any resistance, totally exhausted!
This is a match where one girl slowly but clearly establishes her physical dominance on the other, who looks completely defeated in both strength and stamina, almost in tears. Of course there is a final humiliating victory pose, with teasing and trash talking by the passionate winner. An unbelievable 50 minutes long masterpiece.

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