BX001 – Andrea vs Celeste Boxe

Video length:
00:30:54 h:min:sec
  • Celeste
  • age: 22
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 99lb
  • Andrea
  • age: 23
  • height: 5'4''
  • weight: 110lb

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Competitive boxing debut at IFW with Andrea and Celeste. Rules: 5 rounds of 90 seconds, with 2 minutes break in between. The girls can hit anywhere above the belt, face and head included. Points are counted by a judge (face/head: 2 points – body: 1 point) but of course they can win by KO too. There’s a referee to make sure all happens according to the rules.
Over half an hour video starting from the warm-up, hand wrapping, gum shields and of course boxing gloves. The cameras are never switched off, so that you can live the event from the beginning to the end, getting emotionally involved like never before!
After a super charged staredown, the match begins! Andrea is confident on winning, but Celeste is surprisingly aggressive. The two exchange several hard blows to the body and head during the first two rounds, boxing in a frenetic rhythm, requiring the ref to step in and break them apart more than once.
The following three rounds are even harder, as both fighters start to grow tired, and any punch could be the match-winner. A match that will leave you breathless at each punch!
Final interviews for both fantastic fighters Andrea and Celeste. Also the ref explains how points were given during each round, in detail.
Let us know if you want more boxing at IFW!

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Mergnemi - 20 February 2018
I went into watching this video with an open mind. I wasn’t disappointed. The girls could stop traffic with their looks, their boxing skills are still developing, and in time will be just as deadly as their beauty. The action is intense and fierce. There’s a questionable low blow that heats things up and definitely makes you wanting to see these 2 wild cats scrap again. Worth the buy. Top quality camera work as well.
Rod - 18 February 2018
Absolutely Amazing!!! it's the best competitive female boxing match that i've ever seen in a long time. It would be perfect if it was set in a boxing ring and if the girls were wearing the boxing gear that are missing: boxing trunks(not muay thai!) and boxing shoes. Please keep it up!
Rob Zierhopher - 18 February 2018
Excellent boxing! Great to see women in real hard hitting boxing action!
gilbert - 11 February 2018
WOW !!! Just amazing From a long time, I have never see a competitive boxing match so realistic. It's very impressive, both fighters punch very hard. The best boxing match ever seen. And girls are so sexy !! Definitely, I want a rematch !!!!!
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