IFW356 – Ambra vs Chiara Oil Wrestling

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00:25:21 h:min:sec

  • Ambra
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 104lb
  • Chiara
  • born in: 1998
  • height: 5'2''
  • weight: 110lb

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Chokes in oil!
Ambra and Chiara face off in a competitive oil wrestling match in the open, with chokeholds allowed. They carefully oil their bodies and are ready to start!
The action takes place entirely on the “mats”, with the girls using mostly headlocks and chokeholds during the first part of the match in an even battle.

Skills and sexiness
Ambra gives Chiara a lot of trouble with a long and nasty guillotine choke, but the first submission comes after a perfect rear-naked choke.
The fight is spectacular, slower and sexier than a standard “dry” match, with oiled bodies glistening in the sun, rubbed against each other the whole time.

Pins are decisive!
Despite being slippery, the girls showcase a number of very well-executed holds and the technical level of the match is really high.
A fantastic grapevine pin makes the last part of the match even more interesting… yes, there is a winner and she has very good reasons to celebrate!

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Yes, they look great glistening with oil but please let them have at each other with choking allowed without oil. That lawn in the background would have been good. I see Luna is back and I am looking forward to her fighting Chiara.


Wow what a fight!!! Can’t wait for them to pull hair in the oil Rematch between these Two in the oil would be the price of gold!!! Also wearing vinyl would make it hotter!!!
So sum it up this is a must to have this match!!


This definitely is such a great Oilwrestling Match between Ambra & Chiara & not to mention Ambra & Chiara have such amazing bodies & they look absolutely beautiful in those sexy Bikinis & I absolutely love Chiara’s Grapevine pin on Ambra