IFW240 – Venere vs Bianca rematch

Video length:
00:25:12 h:min:sec

  • Venere
  • age: 30
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 132lb
  • Bianca
  • age: 35
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 132lb

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Neverending rivalry
Venere and Bianca have an ongoing feud: it’s enough to check IFW223 and IFW234 to understand how strong their rivalry is.
Both girls are in their best physical shape and ready for another intense, hard fought match… or better, fight.
Arm wrestling is our starter today, but everyone knows that Bianca’s biceps are almost invincible.

Strength and strategy
Things become more interesting when wrestling time comes. Similar in height and weight, the wrestlers face each other in an even pin and submission match. Strategy is important, the smallest mistake and the opponent will take advantage of it, mercilessly.
There’s plenty of strength in play, as Bianca tries to simply overpower the opponent. Not easy with someone like Venere, who knows very well how to defend.

And even a post-fight argument
Great mat action, an incredible amount of muscles and technique on display.
The first point comes from a creative and beautiful pin but there’s so much more to see as the rhythm and intensity grow throughout the match.
After the aggressive victory pose we have a 4 minutes long argument confirming all the above.

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the post fight is victory pose + speaking arguement, or there is something more, like domination, holds???
Seens like dosen’t matter the results, they will be a fight after another fight