Marica vs Gioia - IFW93

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Gioia and Marica, the two newest faces of IFW, fight each other in their first competitive pins and submission match. The first test of strength is an armwrestling challenge, which is long and even... very promising for the following wrestling match.
The girls immediately show their temper, going head to head and nose to nose for an intense staredown, before starting the fight.
They might be newcomers, but they don’t really look like beginners! There’s no hesitation, the match goes at full pace from the very beginning and the two super sexy wrestlers don’t waste time and here you see takedowns, terrific body and head scissors and headlocks, pins attempts, even a spectacular breast smother!
The match doesn’t have a single break from the beginning to the end, for sure they both have great stamina, and none is available to let go the chance for a good start on their path to success!
Maybe the match with the most submissions ever on IFW, maybe because they still have to learn how to break free from the holds, how to resist longer and to develop a higher pain tolerance, this is an even and undecided match which will keep you glued to the video until the end.
And if for some unknown reason you still don’t want to download it for the wrestling, just look at their bodies to die for, and Marica’s angel face! Enough said!
Victory pose for the winner is not missing.

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