Stella vs Venere Catfight - IFW83_2

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Stella and Venere are the two biggest girls in IFW roster and this is the first time they face each other in a competitive hairpulling catfight.
Their strength is even, in fact they both have trouble taking down the opponent. Agility is not their best weapon, but they both have strong legs and know how to use their weight to keep the opponent pinned.
The hairpulling is wild, from the beginning to the end. It’s quite clear that none of them is ready to accept a defeat in this catfight.
The fight on the mats is terrific, each of the wrestlers trying to headlock and scissor the other using all their muscular power and pulling hair like crazy.
Stella is the warrior that you wouldn’t expect: whenever she gets Venere in a body scissors, she tightens the grip as much as she can! Venere on the other hand, prefers to go for Stella’s neck.
As time flows, energies start to fade and stamina becomes more and more important as does their pride!
The clear winner strikes a well deserved victory pose on the beaten loser, and a short interview will follow.

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