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Italian Female Wrestling is lined-up to start!

Today have been made available for download the first 3 videos featuring 4 girls who fight on a 15 min time limit base.. This formula allows the wrestlers to study strategies to use in the fight according to their natural attitude. When one is tired, she can fight at the border of the ring to be able to suspend the action in case of big trouble. Or, considering the time limit, keep the energy for the last assaults to score a point when the opponent is less reactive and tired from the fight.

Andrea (nicknamed Maggie), Samantha, Robi and Ninfea (akaLauren), hardly trained in the gym for over two weeks and you can check out the result. Interesting fact, each loser already asked the winner for a rematch, which will come soon...

Training will continue and updates are scheduled on a weekly basis.

This website and the project are totally new, we can only improve in the coming days! The staff can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any suggestion or question you might have.